Title / 日々の機微 – Days and Subtleties
Stretch film, Nail, Aluminum bar/ 5.4m(W)×4.3m(D)×3m(H)

◇会 期: 2017.12/15 – 1/28
◇時 間: 12:00 – 19:00
◇会 場: Gallery OUT of PLACE TOKIO / 3331 Arts Chiyoda
◇ファシリテーター小田川悠による対話型鑑賞会/1月20日(土)14:00 – 15:00

幼少期より過敏な心と体を持つ私は、人の顔色を見つつも、開き直る事で自由気ままに生きてきました。 それは過敏な自分を守ると同時に、自分と他人、個人と公共という関係性に着目するきっかけになり、自己の内面や特質を表現する美術制作の基盤となったように思います。

Looking back on my life, I find myself always worrying about other people while accepting it with a defiant attitude, perhaps as a defensive response to protect my sensitivity since childhood. However, it has also helped my attention to the relationship between “self” and “others,” as well as “private” and “public”, and probably guided me to art as expressing one’s thought and personality.
Everyday life is full of diverse relations happening between people, things, places and various affairs, and the inexhaustible relationship is always eluding even in a twinkling, let alone grasping all of them.
To capture the ephemeral nature of daily life, I explore the possibility of stretch film through my work. Very thin but tough and elastic, the ordinary mass-produced material appears interesting with its transparency, smooth grain, and light reflection running on the surface. I’m expressing myself through this unique medium to slightly magnify small “hooks” we would find in everyday life.
text by Takashi NAKAJIMA